Lisa’s Wake Up Call –

Raising Awareness of Narcolepsy and Cataplexy, a Rare Neurological Disorder

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I first met Lisa at a local grocery store. I noticed her friendly demeaner right away as I commented about how discovering Teddy Grahams excited me and brought me back to when my kids were younger. It was easy to quickly become friends with our instant rapport.

A week later, Lisa and I met up at Starbucks and before we met, she explained to me that she had Narcolepsy and Cataplexy. I had no idea what it was and had never heard of it before. She went on to break down what exactly she was dealing with on a daily basis.

She told me that Narcolepsy is a condition in which she suffers a lack of hours of sleep and deep sleep at night, then falls asleep for short periods of time during the day at random and unpredictable/inconvenient times. Her condition includes “cataplexy”, which results in sudden loss of muscle control when experiencing everyday emotions like laughter or surprise.

The consequence of this condition is decreased concentration and focus, memory and chronic fatigue. People with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy have to navigate today’s life through these very serious and difficult challenges.

To raise awareness, help with resources, educate people and help connect those who are affected, “Lisa’s Wake-Up Call” fb page was launched.

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I experienced her condition first hand on that day at Starbucks. She had been dropped off by a friend so she wouldn’t have to drive. I didn’t know what to expect and we just started talking like friends usually would, we got quite excited about possibly writing about her disorder and all of a sudden, her eyes shut and she seemed unconscious. “Help,” was my first reaction, what is happening?, How long will she sleep? Is she okay? How often does this happen and various other questions raced through my mind.

Several minutes passed by as she came back. This happens several times a day and was not a full description of Narcolepsi and Cataplexy. It’s basically a neurological disorder that disrupts ones natural cycles of sleeping and waking and is characterized by excessive sleepiness during the day and cataplexy interfers with muscle control and causes partial paralysis when feeling certain strong emotions. Considered a rare disease, Narcolepsy with or without cataplexy affects 2-5 out of 10,000 people.

Lisa is an exceptionally strong woman. When faced with obstacles, she does not falter, instead, she finds new ways to overcome personal hardships. Lisa is very creative by nature and she is the queen of making gorgeous flower arrangements and is a very talented photographer as well.

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From Lisa’s post: LISAS WAKE UP CALL- Narcolepsy and Cataplexy · August 21, 2019 · This stands for me very strongly… I struggle with this just even simple things that have to get done because I can’t stop sleeping all day. But when I do have good days and I get out and get things done ✅ boy I sure do pay later that day and the next day. Everyday I try my Best! ~ Lisa

Check out this article about a 2019 movie “Ode To Joy,” a romantic comedy that portrays a man living with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy while navigating a romantic relationship:

To learn more about Lisa’s Wake Up Call, visit her fb page:

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Evanalife: sit down comedy

Right/Left Brain

So, a lot of times I hear people talking  about right brain/left brain topics, but what I don’t understand is how ones right brain is always right, how do you know when it’s wrong, and why is the left brain left? Where was it left?! I don’t think I left it anywhere, as far as I know, it’s still there – I think🤔anyway! And also, which left is the left brain, from my right side, or my left?! 

Well, I think I can conclude that I might have left the left, but my right brain is right where I left it!!!

Join in with Evanalife and share your jokes!

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Evanalife on the Origin of Writing and “Write On!”

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Generally, it is considered that writing has emerged independently in three different locations: Egypt, Mesopotania and Harappa between 3,500 BC and 3,100 BC. Since then however, it has been found that the Vinca script and culture (c. 5,500 -3,500 BC) can be traced back as early as Palaeolithic times. This has been discovered from examining 150 prehistoric caves in France. The Palaeolithic geometric symbols are suspected to represent a proto-script from which all other scripts can trace ancestry.

In essence, the concept of writing is the transference of thought or language into a re-readable form.

Examples of Geometric signs in Palaeolithic art.


“Researchers report from findings of 270 fragments of shell in the Western Cape that the same symbols are used over and over again, and the team say there are signs that the symbols evolved over 5,000 years. This long-term repetition is a hallmark of symbolic communication and a sign of modern human thinking, say the team. [Another researcher is quoted:] ‘Judging from what we know about the evolution of art all over the world, there may have been many [written language] traditions that were born, lasted for some time, and then vanished.”

Whitaker, Alex, Jones, Scott and Elaine. “The Origin of Writing.” Ancient Wisdom. May 20, 2012.


Write On!

~ E. Lang

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or not,

if you write –  it brings out what you keep locked inside,

only you have the key.

Write, write, write, it will change your life

and make you free.

Jot down random ideas,

what comes to your mind,

anything, everything, ALL will shine.

Short words or a sentence, any amount is fine.

Eventually, you will carve out what is in you, divine.

It is gold, it is pure, it is truly yours, not mine.

Get it out, let it out, it’s buried inside.

Lift it free from the wall, take one brick at a time.

In a cave you were living, where we’re not meant to be,

out to nature, into beauty, where we’ll dwell eternally.

Keep shining brightly,


Weightless ~ Nature, Sound and Music

“The future of medicine is in sound and music.”
~Eric Cayce


15 Amazing Waterfalls in Iceland - The Crazy Tourist

The Power of Nature Calling

~ by E.Lang


A faint, almost fragile whisper of wind

sweeps across my face.

I hear leaves of oak trees whistling in the wind.

In the distance, I imagine a flute playing,

and a mystical sight of Indians dancing by the fire…


Listen to the music of nature,

let it enfold you,

and take you away,

on any day.


Far away from things man-made,

nature’s greatness nourishes the soul,

gives strength to one’s mind,

and gifts us with passion and strength of spirit.


Mother Earth, do you hear the echo sound,

as we call you from the mountain high?

When troubles keep pouring in,

think of these simple sounds –

they’ll keep you calm; this is God’s Earth music,

and it will take you home.


Coastal clouds begin to roll across the evening sky,

turning silver with the reflection of the moon.

Let the sounds and sights bring you back –

to the way man was meant to be.


Sun and storms, snow and rain, 

the miracles of nature

enfold to us their beauty endlessly.


The clouds are fading now,

and you can look past them towards the stars.

Crickets are tuning in, lightning bugs all around,

our problems washed away –

in the magical world of nature.


Check out this song, ‘Weightless’, created by Lyz Cooper and Marconi Union. It was officially named the most relaxing song in the world.

Sound Therapy is offered here:

There are classes in which they work with gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum and therapeutic percussion as well as guided self-reflection and mindfulness. In addition, they offer classes that incorporate Gongbaths & soundbaths and others to learn how to harness the power of the voice. Students can also learn how to provide Sound Arts or Voice Arts workshops which are dynamic, creative, fun and a boost for health & wellbeing.

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healing music


Music has always played an important role in the history of humans as a need and desire in our world. The natural world itself produces a wide array of sounds, tones and rhythms.

Through the development of the first instrument, the flute, which was made from the bones of a giant vulture 35,000 years ago, humans were able to maintain social networks and promote expansion.

Scientists confirmed patterns that emerged such as a universal use of octaves and similarities of various scales between cultures.

Music is a lived experience and an ever-changing expression that mirrors our own social and cultural changes. By learning about ourselves in another perspective, people who participate in the production of music send us messages of social and cultural consciousness.

Music can soften barriers of inequality as it acts as a universal language to connect us all.


Blessings, Evana.


Hanging out Together

Welcome to my Hangout


Why do I love words so?
Because they play a melody;
words can be happy,
joyful and magic
when you chose them right,
they can dance like a
mad-in-love couple,
or jump and skip and make it hip.
The sounds, the rhythms,
the awesome vibes,
they help us feel alive.

When I think of the word “line”, I think of ways in which we are all connected. Our bodies are connected by veins that carry blood and oxygen throughout. A phone line, an electrical line, a gas line and of course – the World Wide Web connects people through a web of lines.

Traditionally, people used to hang clothes outside on a clothesline and it was common practice. How many of you have seen your parents or grandparents hanging up clothes on a clothesline? Hanging clothes on the line can be used as a form of reflection of the day, breathing fresh air, getting exercise and saving our resources by not using a clothes dryer. Connecting with nature in any way brings us closer to ourselves and who we are in the inside. This can be a welcome break from our busy lives.

My father enjoyed taking pictures of clotheslines and my mother loved hanging clothes on the line since she was a young girl. In fact, she has such fond memories of this that she remembers singing happily during the chore as the wind was blowing and the birds were chirping. A clothesline can be a very inspirational subject, as it creates interest in form, shape, color, environment and composition. Numerous artists used the clothesline in paintings including Charles Oldenburg, Renoir and Pietro Longhi.

A clothesline offers both intrinsic and extrinsic values for us: we are dependent on wearing clothes and people assess us by the clothes we are wearing. A clothesline can represent daily life as an ongoing process in which we all share responsibility.

Keep shining brightly,


Do Good, be Grateful, live Strong Evanalife

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Doing good, does good

When we assess what we do everyday by how much of it “does good,” perhaps tomorrow will be our second chance. Since life is but a passing flame, why not choose today? At the end of each day, write down some things you did that did well/good (contribute to the common good), things you can do better and some things you need to work on. This will prepare you for the next day in a more aware and in-tuned way.

When we’re more “in-tuned” with ourselves, we’ll create better thoughts, be able to organize our lives more efficiently and make better decisions that lead to positive results so that we can become amazing role models for others. To do this, one must have an open mind and faith. If we keep focus on what connects us, believing in ourselves has to come from belief in God first, because faith is authentic when it comes from our core. With faith coming from within, we will never be without.

I recently heard of a couple who witness something out of the norm at a wedding, The couple witnessed a pastor changing his approach to the Wedding ceremony. As so often the bride and groom are gazing into each others eyes with love and admiration, the pastor asked them to look at their hands. He said that a marriage is not about what you see in each other, what you see is not what you get, because it’s what you DO in the years ahead that determines what you see in each others eyes.

Doing good  – does good = growth of good vibes

Doing bad – does bad = loss of energy

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Living With Him

by E. Lang


True happiness comes from within,

gratefulness has a deeper kin,

give thanks to him.


There are times that we feel we cannot win,

then somewhere deep inside us,

tells us: “What’ll it hurt, throw out a grin!”


A smile is contagious like a spreading of fire,

but this one does good and not bad of desire.

Make time for a rainbow for all to see:

the beauty, the wonder, endlessly,


For humans small and tall and of all abilities

including those who crawl,

in chairs, in crutches, in hospital beds,

in countries so poor they can’t afford meds.


Life isn’t meant to be suffered in guilt and sin,

when we live with him, that is our win!


Gratefulness comes from deep in our heart,

the place we aren’t apart,

the place that connects us all,

surrender it all to him.

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Your best Self

Make a clear mental image of your best self, then use this self to guide your decisions in life. it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine, deviate from your path and forget what truly drives you.

Be aware of your purpose, create your own mission and make sure it’s reflected in all you do in your daily life. This activates passion, hope and optimism.

Imagine your best self 10 years from now. What are you doing? Who is around you? What do your relationships look like?

Capture the most important elements from that image. Describe, draw, write and discuss it with a friend.

Analyze what you gathered. What does your ideal self reveal about you? What’s most important to you? Do you live your values or just talk about them?

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How do you see yourself?

We all have the potential to become our best selves. What you see is how you live, and what you think is how you live. How could you change your thinking to benefit others? Once you start changing your perspective, everything turns to gold.


Keep shining brightly,



Bubbles and Waves, Clouds and Rain – Evanalife

“Order Life well in every single act.” ~ Unknown Author

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 Bubbles, Clouds and Rain

~ by E.Lang


I lived in a bubble,

far from the rubble

of a country going so wrong,

‘been easy to tell stories

of a new countries glories,

but not so much the sad song.


I remember when little,

in the closet with riddles,

read stories and fairy tale books,

as I sat there I lived in a magical place,

with daydreams and fantasies hooked.


My memory is fading ,

as new thoughts invading,

my drive to push fiercely ahead,

my life is a story, a poem in its glory,

and thoughts so very unsaid.


I finally figured it out,

though so many years it seems,

but now there’s no room for doubt,

my path that has been laid out,

It all feels like a dream.


Graced with priceless experiences all my life,

joys, happiness and gains –

struggles, set-backs and pains,

and through it all,

I love the rain.

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I read a quote about rain.

how it comes from a cloud and gathers together –

until it comes comes back apart in many tiny pieces.

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It’s such a shame,

how there are so many people,

that aren’t seeing it so plain,

that you only have to go inside

to see a reflection of what’s outside.


We might get stressed and depressed

and need to expel our hell,

we’ll need to let it out and vent,

once it rains, it’s heaven sent.


Rainbows come from tears,

the soul cries out for years,

but when the timing’s right,

it’s the most beautiful sight.


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Talk Waves

As I sit here at a local restaurant in the village I live in, I notice again as I have so many times, how I truly love to hear people’s chatter. Being a water lover, I like to relate just about everything to water that is relaxing. I hear a chatter, a murmur and all the sounds coming together as one. To me it resembles the mesmerizing ocean waves that keep rolling up gently to shore.

Listening to the chatter of people takes me back to the time I was just a little girl in Germany sitting on a chair or bench with my Father and his friends at a local cafe. The table they sat at was called a “Stammtisch” which means “rooted table.” I remember sitting there and listening to people just as I am doing now, except I’m not in Germany, my Dad has passed on and it’s 35 years later.

As an artist, I have many creative interests. Helping people learn about themselves and what possible creativity they can dig out and unleash in themselves is important to me. Of course it makes sense that I have a deep yearning to grow, to progress and to live up to my potential, but what does that really actually mean? Potential to me means when someone not only finds what they love doing, but is also actively creating the time needed and using it! The more we work on what’s in us, the closer we get to who we are.


When I hear a crowd of people,

I hear the ocean waves,

I hear their voices high and low

like tides throughout the bay.


I feel at home in the waves,

they keep me safe and soothe my soul,

I find comfort here with people I do not know,

but I am here with all of them,

as a part of a whole.


I believe that all of us can do so much more, and as the saying goes: “If you do what you’re meant to do, you will set the world on fire.”

“Alone, but yet together, we all depend on each other.” ~ E. Lang

Share your gift,


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Evanalife on Relationships ~ Live Victoriously


Live Victoriously

~ By Eva A, Lang


Every day,

be the best person you can be –

to yourself and to others.

Ask yourself: “Am I creating joy?”


Find ways to put others first,

make their day brighter

and treat them as if it was the last day

you see them.


Every difficult situation in life

carries potential value –

believe this,

then begin looking for it.


The more you get lost

in something bigger than yourself,

the more energy you will create,

feel and share.


Keep shining brightly,



“Think of bad thoughts as a river of tiny ships passing, let the ships pass that will not nourish your soul.” ~ E.Lang




All relationships carry influence on our relationships with those closest to us.

Whoa…did I just use the “R” word?

This time, peeps, it’s about other types of relationships as you might expect. In this post, I will touch on many of our “other” relationships that have a connection with our more/most intimate relationships such as our significant other, family and friends.

Heather Moody, our Environmental Science teacher at Siena Heights University told us once that with every choice we make in life, we experience unexpected connections and sometimes even unintended consequences. Even though she was referring to the environment and our practices, this can easily translate to our lives.

In this post, I will touch on our relationships to things, our bodies, change and our minds.

…Relationships to things

Every morning upon waking, we share a relationship with our alarm clocks. We set them, depend on them, maintain them and sometimes threaten them. Some of us even blame and abuse them. Our relationship with time management can be quite challenging, especially for those that are extremely creative. Distraction is wonderfully welcome to our souls yet disrupting to our schedules.

Of course there are different types of distractions, those in which family or friends ask for help and those in which our soul is screaming for attention. Other things in our lives are our computers, pens, plates, food, our clothes and our cars to name a few. Think about how you relate to all of these things throughout your every day and practice awareness on your thoughts. Weed out the negativity, frustration and disappointment and seek instead thankfulness and gratitude.

…Relationships to our bodies

After several decades of carrying our bodies around, eventually our bodies respond to how we relate to it and with A.G.E. aka age, our bodies change as they begin to have different needs.

What? Wait – all the while we’re taking care of our kids, our bills, our appointments, etc. now, our bodies are beginning to communicate more to us, so does that mean that we’ve been denying that it’s talking to us all along? Yes. We’ve been ignoring, dealing with and pushing our body cries under a rug (at least some of us), so don’t ignore what your body is telling you, because believe me, it’s not recommended to wait for it to SCREAM.

Life is life a garden, practice planting good seeds through investing in good thoughts. Pull your weeds regularly. ~ E. Lang

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Relationships to Change and practicing Mindfulness

Changes are always certain as long as life exists

” All things take place by change from how they are to make new and everything that exists is in a manner the seed of which will be. Pain is not evil, it is human and necessary. Enjoy life by joining one good thing to another and try not to leave even the smallest intervals between.”

Change is clearly one of the most challenging obstructions in our  lives. Each and every time a change happens, all things move. With changes in life we are thrown off our tracks and must relearn, regroup, reflect and regather ourselves. As long as ones perspective stays positive and faithful that there will indeed be value in terms of learning and progress, lessons will be learned and wisdom will be gained. During the process, we try to fight without reason, until we learn. When we learn a new life lesson, it can be quite amazing, almost magical because then we grow stronger, start fresh and try harder to be a better version of ourselves.

Healing from Change

As I find, the most important things in life are the simplest: Faith in God, spending quality time with family and friends, self-care, healthy rituals and regular routines that encourage our best self to thrive. When we finish a chapter, we must begin again. In order to begin again, we need to evaluate our current situation, adjust and get back to the basics: when you are stressed: Be grateful for God, family and healthy habits!

Breathe: be aware of your breaths as your chest rises and falls. Take deep breaths and hold it for a count of ten, then slowly and controlled, let it go out again. Be grateful for the air we breathe!

Eat: be aware of what you eat, our modern diet has changed drastically and more and  more people suffer from celiac disease, allergies and food sensitivities. As you are putting foods in your mouth notice the textures and tastes of these foods, eat slowly and controlled. Allow yourself ample time to eat. Be grateful for food!

“Our body is like a garden, only put good foods in it to nourish and cultivate good bacteria, practice to be mindful of what you think, eat and do, and do it all with love and gratefulness.” ~ E. Lang



The age of Mindfulness didn’t just get here by surprise, nor did it pop out of a cracker jack box, we’ve been going against nature in our way of life in a gradual but steady and exponential way in the culture we live in. Other cultures have been practicing mindfulness for centuries. The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to our true selves. All the while we are trying to keep up, keep going and improve our lives, the improvement starts with us and us alone and always needs to come from within our core. Faith, hope and love carry a deep connection for this to happen and are necessary. Peace happens when we are one.

“A separation from nature is a separation from ourselves.” ~ E. Lang


Be grateful for Life and celebrate your blessings!