Up your Good Vibes – How do you resonate with others?

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…When you think of life as a life form, living beings are merely bundles of energies both positive and negative. A considerably peaceful and positive person has an aura of good vibes in their presence. They know themselves well and are at peace with who they are, are strong in their faith in something bigger than themselves and want to be of service and joy to to others.  If anyone remembers the JC Penney commercial :“Don’t just get there, arrive,” one can truly learn from this. I have learned, that it is of utmost importance to live intentionally and to be aware of ones thoughts, words and actions. How we resonate with others affects everyone.

Here are some helpful tips to “up your good vibes“:

  • Clear your mind of all distractions by finding a quiet, peaceful and uncluttered space (a room, a greenhouse, a cabin, a treehouse, etc)
  • Open your heart and think what it might be like to “live in anothers shoes
  • Evaluate your thoughts, beliefs and actions in your current relationships
  • Always, always try to see the good in every situation
  • Learn from mistakes: these are great ways to learn, after all, after the first “miss-take,” there’s always room for a “second-take,” by getting up, picking up the pieces and trying again in a different way with an enlightened and adjusted perspective
  • Develop good habits (actively listening, taking the others opinion in consideration, valuing each others ideas and suggestions, etc.)
  • Give up and eliminate bad habits 
  • Never forget to be grateful for all people and things in your life, don’t take anything for granted, instead practice appreciation regularly

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What Resonates through Us?

What’s within us, is projected out

All people carry thoughts and beliefs in us. Do we really all evaluate these thoughts before we let them take over and just let it be? We all have a choice to hold up those ships that carry “access baggage,” in other words, we can stop negativity before it takes root. Once we become more aware of our thoughts (it becomes easier when practiced regularly), we are then able to evaluate and re-evaluate them, analyze which of them are “bad,” and let them just “sail by” on a stream away from us.

In our Western world, society has become more and more a culture of sameness, who is even still paying attention to all the “likes?,” or wait – it’s whoever is famous that liked something gets many more likes until someone realizes that – hold on, they did something wrong now, so what now?

Be aware of your thoughts, let them be your thoughts because these are the same thoughts that turn into beliefs and develop into actions. We all know what’s right and wrong because it’s engrained into our very being.

How do you resonate with others?

Resonance begins with tone, your clear and positive tone of voice is an important factor in successful communication. If you slur or speak very low, your voice could be drowned out by all the other white noise. Part of our communication is compiled of speaking and listening and the listening becomes more and more difficult when we there are so many distractions around us, however, when active listening is practiced, a harmonious relationship can grow.

Our words are much more important than we think. Negative and positive words are truly felt by those that receive them as they usually produce a corresponding reaction and reply from the other person. Once, someone explained bad and good words through the metaphor of an apple and a diaper. So, why wouldn’t we all want to “talk apple?”

Some words carry meaning from a persons childhood or some experience they had in their life. The other person you’re talking to could have positive or negative experiences associated with some of the words you choose to speak.

As we all associate positive and negative to our words, all words can be seen as both as well. For example, a dirty diaper is actually also a good thing because the invention of a diaper sure helped many Moms in the world!

Last on the list, are our non-verbal ques that resonate. People associate certain non-verbal language as ques or signs. One could feel happy and accepted, or threatened and rejected. In communication, we often show how we feel by our expressions of joy or despair, sadness or gladness. “Peace is in a smile.”

Some people can just “capture the room,” and these are the kind of people that resonate well with others. You can spot them from a crowd, notice them across the room and one can almost sense their being in the room. They carry a strong presence.

…Back to these bundles of energy: “Are you an energy-giver or sapper?”: https://www.beliefnet.com/wellness/galleries/watch-out-for-these-toxic-people.aspx?p=2

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Keep shining brightly,


P.S. Learn more about the power of being “Sinless With Your Words” here:


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