Let’s Vibe Up This Planet – Create Your Own Heaven!

If we see ourselves as artists, as Don Miguel Ruiz said in “The Voice of Knowledge,” the art is up to us. We have the power to create and maintain our own masterpiece. What perspective we want to view it, what colors we use and where to add light.

Previously, I wrote about Love and Fear, today I will be discussing that the difference between acting through either love or fear is becoming aware of whether you’re listening to the voice of your ego or the voice of your heart.

Sadly, most human beings describe their lives through a place of suffering. Everyone has problems, issues, obstacles, struggles, pain and frustrations. This is part of being human. Thankfully, though there’s good news! We also have a humongous amount of blessings God has placed upon us. It is these blessings we need to focus on. Problems can be solved, everyone has them, stress can be managed, we all experience it. When we panic, we are making the choice of staying in a state of fear and attempt to “tone out” reality as we know it. This reality, however, is what needs to be addressed head on. Face your fears, clarify and pinpoint the problems and then find a way to solve them. You might be surprised how many people can relate to what You are going through right at this very moment in your life.

It’s always a good time to VIBE Up!!!

Free yourself from your ego…

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Will Bowen’s International Bestselling book “Complaint Free World,” has sold over 4 million copies and was translated into 35 languages worldwide. His mission is to encourage people to stop living with all the negativity by offering a 21-day Complaint Free Challenge. This is simply done by purchasing a Complaint Free Bracelet placing it on your wrist, then switching it to the other wrist with every spoken or written complaint. When you stay with it 21 days-in-a-row without complaining, you become a “Certified Complaint Free Person!” Another great example for upping our good vibes is Shannon Anderson’s “Deed a Day.” Anderson is a local school teacher who’s now an award winning children’s book author and national speaker. She drew attention with the fb group “A Deed A Day” and went on to partner with Chicken Soup for the Soul books, mentors teachers and writers and also helps with keynoting at events.

Each of these examples of action plans acted out have an exponential effect on one another, our community and the world as whole. Pick a flower to cheer someone up, visit a loved one who’s lonely, be a good listener when someone needs you and be the shoulder to cry on, keep your mind open and your heart welcoming. “Don’t Ration Compassion” in any fashion. Smile at someone at the grocery store or gas station and the day is brighter in the world.

“We can only be said to be ALIVE in those moments when our HEARTS are conscious of our treasure.” ~ Thornton Wilder, The Women of Andros

I’ve been toughing through my own sets of obstacles

and sometimes feel like I’m juggling a whole circus.

Currently, I’m experiencing

a kaleidoscope of transformations

and all is well.

God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.

With everything going on in the world, let’s remind ourselves:

Life is beautiful.

God is still here,

he is with us

every day.

And if God is within,

how can we ever be without?

Changes are tough for everyone.

One of my changes is the end

and a new beginning

of a new phase in life.

Imagine yourself a snake,

you have to shed your skin

to reveal the new.

Imagine yourself a flower or bush,

release the dead, the broken

and the no-longer useful parts of You

to reveal the new birth

of a Better You!

“Clear Water flows from a pure spring.” ~ Author unknown

Better Yourself Now –

we may not have tomorrow.

Personally, I’m growing in different ways.

In the midst of utter chaos,

I am still and know God is with me.

My future is in God’s hands,

like the song goes, it’s “God’s Plan.”

I am being guided and lead by him,

and ever so grateful

to have been blessed with

the gift of life!

Let’s all celebrate together,

we were born to share

our shining light!

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Love & Peace,


Psssst: Don’t forget to treat yourself well regularly and do simple things kids would do: read a comic, watch a cartoon, draw, color, sing, dance, play Lego’s, roll down a hill, fly a kite, take a nature walk, go camping without phones, take a bath or lay in the sun and don’t ever forget to look up to the sky both day and night! Then report back to me on how that makes you feel.:)

Part II: Just A Woman Passing through…

I’m just a woman passing through,

I’ve made mistakes like all of You.

Somehow, I did not fit like a shoe,

so I stayed on the conveyer sad and blue.

I tried my best to be good and learn –

many times I caught a burn

didn’t understand the constant trials

yet kept faith for better tomorrows.

As God was with me all along,

he showed me life was better with a song –

singing loudly when in pain,

praying harder in the rain.

If there were no tears,

rainbows would not exist –

I can see clearly

and am abundantly blessed!

God has a plan,

a reason for it all:

to learn, to serve,

to answer his call.

With a shield and a glow

walking through life in the know

every obstacle, every problem

is taken up with him.

The struggle is not ours

in this world of sin.

I’m here to help all who ask

and all who care –

who don’t procrast,

and those who dare

embark on the most important journey

of lifelong learning and growth within

Are You ready for the “best is yet to come?”

We’re all deserving of this, please don’t run:

Together, wild and free –

we will learn and sing

and raise his name with glee,

we will grow in truth and love


Who’s with me?

Who’s jumping the train?

don’t be afraid,

you’ll grow a mane!

What matters most is how You see Yourself

We all have the potential to be Go(o)d like and divine.

It’s our choice to strive for excellence

and be de(light)full.

What You see is how You live,

and what You think is how You live.

Once You start changing your perspective

towards him and yourself,

everything turns to gold.

Know that You are loved!

Keep shining brightly,


Part I: Just a Woman Passing Through…

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I’m just a woman passing through,

I’ve made mistakes like all of You.

I look deeply, see clearly,

learn intently and grow wisely.

I have learned from those highest –

of those above and those below,

I’ve seen a lot, only God knows.

My reason for being is to serve ALL:

all who listen,

all who hear and

all those with open minds.

I aim to help You all to shine!

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I’m here to light your candles,

ignite your flames –

to help You understand no blames.

Many a person say:

“But what can one person do?”

One person can affect all

of those around them

which creates an exponential shift –

may we not very long drift.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

One person may be the loneliest number,

but it only takes one person to begin

a revolution through others with them

Never stop being your best,

this sets us apart from the rest,

as humans we are all put through a test –

stand strong in your faith,

You are blessed!

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on Pexels.com

We are all meant to lead each other to…

Rise from Hardships to Victory!

Inspire Positive Change!

Find Common Ground!

Keep Shining Brightly,


P.S.: Stay tuned for Part II


Who is Evana and What is EvanaLife?

My story…

I was born in Adrian, Michigan to Janet Marlene (Bleich) and Albert Hermann Lang

My father was a farmer, a teacher and an award winning photographer, an avid historian and naturalist with a great fascination of these things. Our Mom was the first in her family to obtain a degree, and after she started teaching for a while even bought her own home independently, used to serve as the President of the Farmers’ wives club and strongly believed in music’s power of healing as therapy. My late parents were both teachers. Dad’s Master’s was in chemistry, and Mothers’ in biology.

Our Dad would play the airhorn in the morning to wake us up and our Mother sang while washing dishes. They share a beautiful story together.

My story branches off theirs yet interweaves itself with an array of similarities and repetitions in our histories. I experienced many adventures and unusual things in my life and love to tell these stories, theirs and mine. We are all a part of the big picture, the one we share together as human history.

Tiptoeing through the tulips…

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As I tiptoe gently through the tulips,

I make sure I don’t disrupt their beauty.

As I walk softly through a crowd of people,

I quietly listen without judging and talk –

very little.

Sometimes it takes more space for us

to separate ourselves from each other

and ourselves to see what’s apparent

to others looking in.

Photo by Francesca Zama on Pexels.com

Take time to reflect:

Are you operating within your own authenticity?

Is anything you’re doing upsetting you?

Are you happy with your current choices and most recent decisions?

Do you feel at all that anything seems “off”?

You are not alone, you are never alone.

“Trust your faith, but not your feelings –

think less about self, more about serving,

God and compassion of both self and others.

Be thankfully living in Love, Joy and Gratefulness

Peace is ours – for the taking,

our heaven awaits us here and now –

it’s much nicer why wait?

Thoughts of a conflicting couple…

I like to move mountains,

but you complain that they even exist

and don’t even see the same mountains as I.

You like to point fingers,

I look for common ground.

You find fault in others,

I see only beauty.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you want to see a change,

do not look into trying to make someone

view the world as you –

it is not your job, nor your duty.

The time for truth is now and always.

It is not easy to understand those hurting,

those hungry and those in pain –

but take a trip away and

listen to their stories, you might be amazed –

at how similar they are to you and I.

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

“Believe in those you love”

Keep shining ever so brightly,


Let Go and Let Flow…

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When you’re stuck in a rut

and don’t know which way to go –

Let go and let it Flow –

It’s natural processing

that has to go,

the truth is –

it’s a blessing.

Let go and Let Flow –

How you ask, I will tell you:

When it’s harder to move forward

there’s always a reason –

Think about your dreams

and develop your goals –

this is the only way

you will break free

of this season.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

Let go and let it flow

Seasons in life are phases we must go through,

God gives us challenges to grow –

please understand –

this is actually so.

From these you learn, grow and become wise,

it’s a great feeling and a pleasant surprise –

something unexpected that brings great joy,

happiness, serenity and peace of mind.

Let go and let it flow…

Clear everything out of the way of your dreams,

let go of those things that are holding you down –

close your eyes, breathe deeply, see and astound

all the beauty for you is all around!

Let go and let it flow…

Be bold and fiercely authentic –

don’t wait to pursue your “who” you want to be

and “what” you’d love to do,

Every moment is an opportunity

to create your best life –

Through and through, it’s true!

Let go and let it flow –

Break free to victory!!!

“After every storm there’s a rainbow, no matter how long it takes to show up.” ~ Grace V.



Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

Sea Stars Washing Ashore…

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Stars above and stars below

watch in wonder all aglow,

Naked eyes can see those high,

goggles view the ones below.

Sea Stars washing ashore –

seeing some, then many more,

What a wonder, what a sight –

such a beautiful delight.

Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels.com

Sea Stars like us –

get a little lost in life.

We are still beautiful as we are vulnerable,

there are times we trust too soon –

are in more danger,

other times we are too cautious .

Once we learn to trust our God to take over,

we lose the need to worry.

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With God’s help they find back to sea,

they journey home with glee –

One by one they’re back together –

and free.

Keep shining ever so brightly –

Blessings, Peace and Love,


Don’t Ration Compassion…

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

I’ve seen through others’ eyes,

suffered many dies,

been there with those suffering pain –

feel with them in their demise,

see in them – shame.

Instead of fearing them as “the other,”

I listen to their stories, and they become real,

then we see them as kin,

so nice to see from them – a grin –

sometimes just being there for them is a win.

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.com

What peoples I’m talking about

need not defining –

everyone who’s fallen down

and not shining –

sometimes too proud to seek help from another,

people like us can stand up to be a good sister or brother.

Alone, but yet together, we all depend on each other.

Keep shining brightly

with Peace and Love,


Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

Find Beauty in Stillness

I’ve been a foreigner, I’ve been a friend,

walked far, lived in a car – been transient.

Photo by Mau00ebl BALLAND on Pexels.com

I was young, fearless and kind,

thankfully not blind

to be open to the world’s love and crime –

the dangers, the lies,

the beauty and the Devine.

By foot or by wheels, to each their own,

whichever way appealed to me at the time.

Be careful who you show a smile –

disguised under a fa├žade you may find

not a go(o)d kind.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Wonderful, magical times

are found in those who shine,

once you learn to tell them apart,

eventually you get smart

and if you continue to let life’s trials all be lessons,

you too will rise to become wise –

“be still and listen, be slow to answer,

slow to anger and quick to forgive.”

~ E. Lang

Keep on a disguise

so you can be shielded

from the hidden trickeries

that become ties –

ties that bind and ties that keep –

precious secrets and

forgotten lies.

Don’t believe anything

but the truth that’s inside,

not my story, not yours –

the only one needs not defending nor defining

and takes no sides.

Photo by Md Towhidul Islam on Pexels.com

Beautiful and still is the language of God,

for only in silence can you hear your hearts’ beat.

Cherish your blessings, love with all your heart

and know that true strength lays in gentleness,

not deceit.

Breathe Love, Live Love,

and practice Love –

every day!

Blessings and keep shining brightly,


The Song of Life

Photo by Elianne Dipp on Pexels.com

Together, May We Grow Bolder

Life can be a tragedy, or a melody,

a treasurehowever you think it

so shall it be. It’s meant to be –

a pleasure.

Our life is brief and time’s a thief,

no one knows how long –

think with your heart,

be conscious of your part,

live like a beautiful song.

Be a blessing for those stressing –

a stronghold for those weary of soul.

Find what you want, then set your goal

and believe it to be true.

Pray to the Lord your mind will clear,

and stillness takes control.

The love you seek you’ll find within,

a powerful glow –

believe it to be true,

and the miracle will be YOU!

Peace and Love,


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The Real You is Truth

E-coli, Corona, Ebola, West Nile,

What world do we live in,

or has it gone wild?

I know not what’s next but

the smile on my face,

no reason to dread

or be a sad case.

Today in this world

that’s uncommonly nuts,

the unknowns quadrupled

in size and mistrust.

Each day in this world

is ours to create –

breathe deep and take in

all lessons that shape –

a beautiful sculpture of

heroes with capes.

As day comes to end

to a sweet evening glow,

I hope you succeeded

in helping others know,

we are all connected

above and below,

may God’s love surround you

like an invisible glow.

Fear is an Untruth

In today’s world, fear is all around us and a commonplace, yet it is not real. Fear is a purely imagined “worst case scenario” that hasn’t happened, is untrue and inauthentic. Those trained by the military and other service men and women are taught to stay calm during times of crisis. People who panic are those most vulnerable.

Living with fear continuously is a recipe for disaster and affects our mental capacity to absorb new information. This fear develops into becoming impulsive and emotional which leads to being negative in judging and decision making. Instead of being safer with fear, it actually weakens our immune systems.

Anytime you experience fear think about whether it’s true, then think of the actual truth (reality) by imagining the “best case scenario” and how that will feel. Enjoy the feeling of faith and trust by doing the best you can and leaving the rest to God.

Let go and let God.

Many blessings,


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