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EvanaLife’s mission is to inspire everyone’s passion in life; any age, any stage.

Life is what you make it, it’s also fragile, so don’t break it. ~ E. Lang

Life can have many ups and downs and what’s vitally important, is to keep going no matter what. Never stop pursuing growth, instead continue moving forward even if the forward doesn’t seem like it’s actually going.

When you feel stuck, you need to do everything and anything to carry on and find out what it is that’s holding you back. This is never an easy task and the longer you are stuck, the harder it is to dig yourself out.

It is important to research and educate yourself in any way possible. Seek out information from the internet, read books, listen to Cd’s and talk to people that had similar set backs.

Keep an open mind, your hope alive and faith in your heart and you will find a way out.

Every day is a new day in the cycle of life. ~ E. Lang

Sometimes, people carry negative influences into our lives and we might not even realize it until we realize that something is wrong. Some people are very negative in nature, others can be very critical or judgmental.

These are difficult people to deal with on a daily basis. Many of these people don’t even realize how their behavior negatively affects others. To help get out what bothers us, it is helpful to keep a journal and write in it every day.

If any of you have seen Freedom Writers, that is a great example of how  students learned to understand themselves, others and the world they live in.

Learning about ourselves is very important. It will help you find things that you might enjoy doing to express yourself through an art, whether it’s writing, painting, singing or wood carving, an art is something you use to express yourself. Life itself is an art.

All alone, but yet together, we all depend on each other. ~ E. Lang

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To support Evanalife.com’s mission to promote the arts

Evanalife is not only a blogsite in which I will write posts, poetry and quotes. Its mission is to promote all artists whether writer, musician or hobbyist. Evanalife will also branch out to Evanalife fb page to incorporate a page in which Irish Hills and all people can find resources to encourage being part of a cultural community. It will serve as a one stop shop for general- and contact information to obtain an array of talented musicians, artists and writers for all and act as an efficient way for business owners and corporations to find artists for their event needs. Evanalife blogsite will continue to write posts and interview various artists who will be featured in Evanalife’s “Spotlight Page.” If you love the arts and would like to be part of Evanalife by donating and/or contacting Evana to schedule an interview for your art, feel free to do so. We are all meant to be victorious! Thank you for your support, Evana.


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