Mother Earth Day Cry


~ by E. Lang

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mother Earth needs Us.

Connect the Dots,

Get Up and Trust!

Our Mother Earth Needs Us,

why don’t you think that’s just –

we’re all here together,

in each and every weather –

we’re not made to rust,

nor turn to leather –

Our Earth needs Us,

in God we Trust.

Photo by T Leish on Pexels.com

Don’t care about black or white,

blue or red –

rather think about life –

than death.

Let’s put our differences to rest –

that’s our Earth at its best!

Get Up! Stand Up! Speak Up!

for You, for Me, for ALL.

We don’t have to listen

to the chatter

as the world continues

to fabricate the matter –

it’s your choice

to either listen

or follow in the wallow

of yet another swallowed.

Photo by Matthew Montrone on Pexels.com

What truly makes change

are the people

who help rearrange

the furniture in the house.

Stir it Up, Shake it Up,

gently Disrupt.

Fight for our Change –

Fill Your Cup

and Buckle Up!

The Angels agree,

the planets align,

what is new? what is new?

Something quite


Photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels.com

This Earth is All Yours And All Mine,

Let’s treat it like our Mother

and shine!

If we, we, we the people

could change, change , change the world.

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We’re just some humans passing through,

we’ve made mistakes like all of You,

Life is brief and time’s a thief –

as a dot we come, we leave as dust –

Together – We Are One.

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Pexels.com


Quiet Thunder Can Change the World

I’m not a squeaky wheel –

I come as quiet thunder,

to our creator I kneel

to free the spell

we’re under.

The mixing bowl

is ours to change:

a teaspoon hope,

a cup of love –

a pint forgiveness

and trust above.

If we, we, we

the people

can change, change, change

the world.

Let’s close the face

of paranoia,

and start the chain

of understand.

Let’s strengthen not weaken

our ground –

at least we can

slow it down

I’m not a squeaky wheel –

I come as quiet thunder,

to our creator I kneel

to free the spell

we’re under.

Keep shining brightly,



Grow, Glow and Shine

Photo by Malibi 75 on Pexels.com

The End is always a new beginning

in a world of continued sinning,

chose faith first.

Live for today and let the old go,

it’s totally okay to not know –

what our future holds,

believe it’s meant to glow.

Glow onto others and back inside,

glow and shine your light, don’t hide,

stay away from those who dim it –

and always be firm with your limit.

Stay away and true to yourself –

make no ill choices that affect your health,

you are worth it every day,

keep yourself strong and always pray.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Cut ties to stay alive inside,

like pulling weeds for flowers to breathe –

plant new seeds for growth to thrive,

when sometimes we feel pulled down –

fight to hold the crown.

The crown is his as it is yours,

it belongs to the good of love

from the truths of faith.

If he’s within it will open doors,

doors believed to not be yours –

yet when there, blessings pour.

It becomes clear,

we were always near –

yet didn’t know how to get in.

The endless trials and tribulations,

are meant to help us grow –

keep God’s connection in all relations,

and find your light to glow.

Keep shining brightly,


Photo by 3Motional Studio on Pexels.com
Steps to Awaken Your Inner Force

Connect The Dots…

Photo by Pawel Kalisinski on Pexels.com

We are all connected

like the bubbles in a glass –

we are all affected

by a smile that lights the world,

we are all elected

to show up to our stage of life –

to take a stand,

to fiercely get out

of our own quicksand.

To get out and find –

ways to do good,

speak life

and be kind.

When it’s time to reflect don’t regret

your glitches and miss-takes

we need them to grow,

never lose respect –

of the one you know.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com




Let’s Vibe Up This Planet – Create Your Own Heaven!

If we see ourselves as artists, as Don Miguel Ruiz said in “The Voice of Knowledge,” the art is up to us. We have the power to create and maintain our own masterpiece. What perspective we want to view it, what colors we use and where to add light.

Previously, I wrote about Love and Fear, today I will be discussing that the difference between acting through either love or fear is becoming aware of whether you’re listening to the voice of your ego or the voice of your heart.

Sadly, most human beings describe their lives through a place of suffering. Everyone has problems, issues, obstacles, struggles, pain and frustrations. This is part of being human. Thankfully, though there’s good news! We also have a humongous amount of blessings God has placed upon us. It is these blessings we need to focus on. Problems can be solved, everyone has them, stress can be managed, we all experience it. When we panic, we are making the choice of staying in a state of fear and attempt to “tone out” reality as we know it. This reality, however, is what needs to be addressed head on. Face your fears, clarify and pinpoint the problems and then find a way to solve them. You might be surprised how many people can relate to what You are going through right at this very moment in your life.

It’s always a good time to VIBE Up!!!

Free yourself from your ego…

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

Will Bowen’s International Bestselling book “Complaint Free World,” has sold over 4 million copies and was translated into 35 languages worldwide. His mission is to encourage people to stop living with all the negativity by offering a 21-day Complaint Free Challenge. This is simply done by purchasing a Complaint Free Bracelet placing it on your wrist, then switching it to the other wrist with every spoken or written complaint. When you stay with it 21 days-in-a-row without complaining, you become a “Certified Complaint Free Person!” Another great example for upping our good vibes is Shannon Anderson’s “Deed a Day.” Anderson is a local school teacher who’s now an award winning children’s book author and national speaker. She drew attention with the fb group “A Deed A Day” and went on to partner with Chicken Soup for the Soul books, mentors teachers and writers and also helps with keynoting at events.

Each of these examples of action plans acted out have an exponential effect on one another, our community and the world as whole. Pick a flower to cheer someone up, visit a loved one who’s lonely, be a good listener when someone needs you and be the shoulder to cry on, keep your mind open and your heart welcoming. “Don’t Ration Compassion” in any fashion. Smile at someone at the grocery store or gas station and the day is brighter in the world.

“We can only be said to be ALIVE in those moments when our HEARTS are conscious of our treasure.” ~ Thornton Wilder, The Women of Andros

I’ve been toughing through my own sets of obstacles

and sometimes feel like I’m juggling a whole circus.

Currently, I’m experiencing

a kaleidoscope of transformations

and all is well.

God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.

With everything going on in the world, let’s remind ourselves:

Life is beautiful.

God is still here,

he is with us

every day.

And if God is within,

how can we ever be without?

Changes are tough for everyone.

One of my changes is the end

and a new beginning

of a new phase in life.

Imagine yourself a snake,

you have to shed your skin

to reveal the new.

Imagine yourself a flower or bush,

release the dead, the broken

and the no-longer useful parts of You

to reveal the new birth

of a Better You!

“Clear Water flows from a pure spring.” ~ Author unknown

Better Yourself Now –

we may not have tomorrow.

Personally, I’m growing in different ways.

In the midst of utter chaos,

I am still and know God is with me.

My future is in God’s hands,

like the song goes, it’s “God’s Plan.”

I am being guided and lead by him,

and ever so grateful

to have been blessed with

the gift of life!

Let’s all celebrate together,

we were born to share

our shining light!

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Love & Peace,


Psssst: Don’t forget to treat yourself well regularly and do simple things kids would do: read a comic, watch a cartoon, draw, color, sing, dance, play Lego’s, roll down a hill, fly a kite, take a nature walk, go camping without phones, take a bath or lay in the sun and don’t ever forget to look up to the sky both day and night! Then report back to me on how that makes you feel.:)


Part II: Just A Woman Passing through…

I’m just a woman passing through,

I’ve made mistakes like all of You.

Somehow, I did not fit like a shoe,

so I stayed on the conveyer sad and blue.

I tried my best to be good and learn –

many times I caught a burn

didn’t understand the constant trials

yet kept faith for better tomorrows.

As God was with me all along,

he showed me life was better with a song –

singing loudly when in pain,

praying harder in the rain.

If there were no tears,

rainbows would not exist –

I can see clearly

and am abundantly blessed!

God has a plan,

a reason for it all:

to learn, to serve,

to answer his call.

With a shield and a glow

walking through life in the know

every obstacle, every problem

is taken up with him.

The struggle is not ours

in this world of sin.

I’m here to help all who ask

and all who care –

who don’t procrast,

and those who dare

embark on the most important journey

of lifelong learning and growth within

Are You ready for the “best is yet to come?”

We’re all deserving of this, please don’t run:

Together, wild and free –

we will learn and sing

and raise his name with glee,

we will grow in truth and love


Who’s with me?

Who’s jumping the train?

don’t be afraid,

you’ll grow a mane!

What matters most is how You see Yourself

We all have the potential to be Go(o)d like and divine.

It’s our choice to strive for excellence

and be de(light)full.

What You see is how You live,

and what You think is how You live.

Once You start changing your perspective

towards him and yourself,

everything turns to gold.

Know that You are loved!

Keep shining brightly,