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Steps to Awaken Your Inner Force

What excites you?

Have you ever felt like you’d like to do something awesome and sometimes hear others creating their own fabulous futures by taking time with things they love? We all have something(s) that excite us. These are those things that we feel strongly about and the most connected. Write about it!

Step (1) Do you or have you ever had a hero in your life that you looked up to?

This can be a parent, a relative, a friend, a celebrity, e.t.c. Who was it and what about this person made you feel so elated? Some of his or her dreams may be very similar to your own. Now, we don’t have to go out and quit our jobs after we gained clarity about what specifically it is that our very soul is screaming out for us to do.

(2) Think about when you were still in school. What were your favorite subjects and why?

(3) Outside of school, what types of things did you enjoy doing for fun?

What kinds of hobbies did you have, which TV shows and movies did you find most interesting and memorable?

(4) Do you remember any significant dreams or day dreams? What were they and what did you conclude about them?

(5) Take out some old photo albums and think back during those times as a child, teenager or young adult. What was it like at those times? What were some of your favorite times and things during these periods?

(6) Complete a dating profile. Here, I will share my own:  Evanalife Dating Profile in which I exemplified my love of words, creative activities, poetry, music, art, nature and comedy. Some things I enjoy doing is amusing people, helping people, writing and going on adventures outside of the house.

By now, you’ve probably learned a lot of things about yourself. If you’ve completed these steps, you should now be able to see a much clearer picture about what makes you tick. Ask yourself: “Is this something I feel most strongly about being, doing or having?” Do you feel a yearning towards paths not taken? What do you regret not doing?

Writing, music and the arts have been added as categories of potential inspirational interest.

Keep shining brightly,

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