Don’t Ration Compassion…

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

I’ve seen through others’ eyes,

suffered many dies,

been there with those suffering pain –

feel with them in their demise,

see in them – shame.

Instead of fearing them as “the other,”

I listen to their stories, and they become real,

then we see them as kin,

so nice to see from them – a grin –

sometimes just being there for them is a win.

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.com

What peoples I’m talking about

need not defining –

everyone who’s fallen down

and not shining –

sometimes too proud to seek help from another,

people like us can stand up to be a good sister or brother.

Alone, but yet together, we all depend on each other.

Keep shining brightly

with Peace and Love,


Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

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