A Sky Full Of Stars

In a rowboat alone on a deep, dark night

with a sky full of stars

magically aligned,

I let myself go in a dreams lullaby,

taken by such vast beauty through these eyes,

dreaming about all earths miracles,

waking up with a cry –

all of nature moves me!,

without nature,

we die.

When we learn of the truth inside us,

we sometimes go astray,

why do we tell ourselves untruths that hide us?

We are perfect as we are today.

We can do so much more than we want to believe,

open up, spread your wings,

smile and be – a You Who Sings!

Photo by Nick Parker on Pexels.com

Know Your Truth…

Being Impeccable (sinless) With Your Word

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements,” a Toltec Wisdom book, he describes us as having agreements with ourselves and others. Anything we accept as true, is an agreement we make with others and/or with ourselves. If we believe someone who speaks bad words against us, we are accepting it as a truth in agreement against ourselves and this is a sin. This sin begins with self-rejection in which is everything you feel, believe or say goes against yourself.

He talked about how animals only pay once for their mistakes, yet humans pay 1000’s of times. Our belief system is responsible for abusing ourselves as the judge and the victim. We ourselves are our worst judge and critic. Ruiz said: “The Word is a force you cannot see, yet you can see the manifestation of the force in your life. You know you’re using the word against yourself if you’re suffering with guilt, sadness or fear and using it impeccably if you’re happy.”

Being impeccable (sinless) with your word is the most difficult yet powerful agreement. Your word is God for “In the beginning was the word,” a gift from God. Through this word, we manifest everything through expressing creative power. All of our knowledge, everything you think, every opinion and every belief is created with the word. By using words, we create belief systems and entire life stories are made of words.

We use words by our thoughts, expressing feelings, opinions, ideas, remembering the past and imagining the future. Our very own personal life story is created by words. Your word is what you tell yourself, agree to accept as the truth, then believe. It a force that you have the power to create. Use your word as a beautiful story instead of misusing it and its force energy will be heavenly sinless.

Words give us the opportunity to create a better story. When you find yourself in thoughts that are troubling think out loud: “Is this true?” 95% of our beliefs are lies we believe and this is how we create drama. Instead of doubting yourself, doubt the lies. After each “untruth” is dispelled, it dispels the negative power and raises faith and good vibes.

Use your word to express truth in every thought, every action and every belief to create your best life story.

Let your story shine!



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