What’s Your Art?


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Life, Art & Wellness

Art is the expression of human creative imagination and is typically produced in visual form such as painting and sculpting, however, others such as music, literature and dance also serve as art forms. Furthermore, one could say that life itself is an art. Just as a trapeze artist, one must maintain perfect balance in order to get through tough situations and these situations are impossible without faith & family.

People need to constantly work on maintaining their own balance by making adjustments in response to changes in their lives such as relationships, work, kids, education, health and wellness. When faced with a difficult situation, one must ask oneself: “How does my response to a change effect my life and those around me?”

“Whenever someone creates a work of art, they are changing the world inside them and the world around them by serving as a messenger of  expressive, inspirational and influential art.” ~ E. Lang

As we live in a world in which wellness is becoming a vitally important and growing field, experts agree that mindfulness is necessary for humans to thrive in our increasingly media saturated, busy and loud time. It used to be that people would escape to the country to leave all the noise and settle into a more relaxing, revitalizing and regenerating place and state of mind.

Quiet Zone ahead

Today’s world is packed with expectations, demands and responsibilities and a person may find it difficult to see a clear path. One can detect anger, pride, vengeance, hate, despise and frustration reflect in many of the voices and opinions we hear on a daily basis and these opinions are put on a pedestal instead of on a privately kept paper or discussed in a confidential area with another person.

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Art, Nature & Creation

Nature is the first thing that inspired me to write. It was out of my own nature to write as a young child and I’m tapping into that same nature to continue my path in writing. When we take a walk in nature, all of our worldly life takes the back burner position and troubles are left far away. It is a time when we shut everything else in our heads off and let it all go and be as it is.

Jen Sincero from the “Badass” Series of books said :”You must find a way to stop the dancing squirrels in your head.” There is always more to nature than we can completely understand and numerous scientific studies have proven how vitally necessary it is for us. Nature is peace and there is peace in nature, naturally.

Since most people nowadays are being consumed by activities on screens, experts have found that it takes two weeks in nature to get all of our screen time out of our system. When we are lounging more than moving, sitting more than standing, bending down to see screens instead of face-to face communications, our human trait of communication is put down in value and if real communication is being undervalued and those that do are more frequently distracted because of being taken away from these devices, who is going to make decisions, manage a team or lead people?

Check In: It is always good to have a daily “check-in” with yourself. Ask yourself :”How am I doing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?” What percentage from 1 to 100 can you rate yourself? Keep a journal, maintain your balance. It is good to think about how you are doing outside and inside and think of yourself outside of yourself to do this.

Art appreciation and creating art inspires change in ourselves and those around us. It radiates “newness,” change and motivates us to do more art. It helps us feel less restricted in what we can do, encourages us to have passion, excitement and drive to do those things that we need to do to feel alive. All brilliant ideas come from the creative ability to have an open mind and “create limitless” ideas to solve pressing worldly problems. When we let our creative side out, we are taken back to a child-like state that sees the world in awe with endless possibilities and infinite hope for a brighter future.

No matter what kind of art you choose, take a walk in nature, close your eyes, breath in and be glad in your life, the best is yet to come!

Do something amazing today,



Up your Good Vibes – How do you resonate with others?

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…When you think of life as a life form, living beings are merely bundles of energies both positive and negative. A considerably peaceful and positive person has an aura of good vibes in their presence. They know themselves well and are at peace with who they are, are strong in their faith in something bigger than themselves and want to be of service and joy to to others.  If anyone remembers the JC Penney commercial :“Don’t just get there, arrive,” one can truly learn from this. I have learned, that it is of utmost importance to live intentionally and to be aware of ones thoughts, words and actions. How we resonate with others affects everyone.

Here are some helpful tips to “up your good vibes“: Continue reading


EVANA is back!

Hello, all and thank you for hanging in there!

Life Is A Miracle

Last year, I have been away for a long time it seems. I went ill before and after our family vaca, then got sick once again after that! In the end, I was told that I had tested positive for the e-coli bacteria. After three antibiotics, some great sons, friends and furry things, I am finally, finally on the mend.

I have since published two articles. The first one, “Hardships are Necessary for Better Ships to Sail”: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hardships-necessary-better-ships-sail-eva-lang/ was published in my LinkedIn site. The one after that was titled “Begin Again.” Feel free to share your thoughts on those.

We live in a miracle.

Be sure to check back for my next article titled: “Up Your Good Vibes – How do You Resonate with Others?”





Leave Johnny Depp Alone

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to Evanalife, a blogsite to inspire people to do more of what they love doing whether they’ve already found it or are still looking. “Find Your Force.”

Back to Johnny Depp. Johnny is a highly successful actor in the roles he plays and in fact one of the most successful actors in the world. Depps acting skill and talent go beyond belief. The movies he choses to star in are all very thought provoking. He’s been in some very unusual movies and many instant classics like “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Benny & Joon,” and others like “Alice in Wonderland.”

Johnny shows us time and time again that he has what it takes: the makings of an exceptional artist. I’m writing this article because I am fed up with writers writing about him as if his life is a bunch of numbers and figures, well, the numbers and figures are there, however, the numbers and figures that I see are in the numbers of people Johnny has touched, influenced and inspired with his work.

I am on Johnnys team because we all make mistakes and why do people have to judge so harshly? I know, it’s because we live in a culture of sameness. Who knows if it’s even true and why should we even talk about such personal things? Oh, right, it’s because he’s a successful artist, WRONG. What’s important is not peering into his life and finding the stuff that can be marketed for a spectacle. Imagine being him, would you like it?

Don’t judge another without walking a mile in their moccasins, Berlutis or Guccis. Take a look in the mirror and work on that, you might find that there’s work to do on your perspective.

Johnny? I’m on your side, we’re all human and try not to hear the loud voices.cropped-hands

A fan.

Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation” Rumi |  Resounding Power




Steps to Awaken Your Inner Force


What excites you?

Have you ever felt like you’d like to do something awesome and sometimes hear others creating their own fabulous futures by taking time with things they love? We all have something(s) that excite us. These are those things that we feel strongly about and the most connected. Write about it!

Step (1) Do you or have you ever had a hero in your life that you looked up to?

This can be a parent, a relative, a friend, a celebrity, e.t.c. Who was it and what about this person made you feel so elated? Some of his or her dreams may be very similar to your own. Now, we don’t have to go out and quit our jobs after we gained clarity about what specifically it is that our very soul is screaming out for us to do.

(2) Think about when you were still in school. What were your favorite subjects and why?

(3) Outside of school, what types of things did you enjoy doing for fun?

What kinds of hobbies did you have, which TV shows and movies did you find most interesting and memorable?

(4) Do you remember any significant dreams or day dreams? What were they and what did you conclude about them?

(5) Take out some old photo albums and think back during those times as a child, teenager or young adult. What was it like at those times? What were some of your favorite times and things during these periods?

(6) Complete a dating profile. Here, I will share my own:  Evanalife Dating Profile in which I exemplified my love of words, creative activities, poetry, music, art, nature and comedy. Some things I enjoy doing is amusing people, helping people, writing and going on adventures outside of the house.

By now, you’ve probably learned a lot of things about yourself. If you’ve completed these steps, you should now be able to see a much clearer picture about what makes you tick. Ask yourself: “Is this something I feel most strongly about being, doing or having?” Do you feel a yearning towards paths not taken? What do you regret not doing?

Writing, music and the arts are categories of potential inspirational interest. In addition, hobbies are also a great way to tap into your creative side. Have you ever thought about learning how to sculpt a wooden-or ice sculpture, been amazed from items sold at art fairs and flee markets, or felt like inventing something that the world needs?

As we all live our lives in our own types of rhythms, may you feel inspired by all the art around you. Visit a museum, attend an art or craft event, sign up for a workshop that you’ve been curious about and spend some time in nature. Above all, let your own light shine, find your authentic you and rock on.

Keep shining brightly,



Welcome to Evanalife, meet Evana.

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Ignite Your Force

Hello everyone, I’m Evana and am here to celebrate life’s journey with you. Most people I know say things like “I’ve always wanted to…” and would love to not have any regrets at the end of their lives.

We are here to create experiences and memories while maintaining positive, healthy relationships. Are we igniting our own passion as we were meant to?” Are we using some of our time focusing on those things that make us feel most alive? Are we creating joy for ourselves and those around us?

We all know that answer. You will know by the shape of your lips in the morning.

Everyone has a passion, something that makes them tick, gets them excited. That passion is best shared so that others can be inspired as well. I have found my passion in writing and enjoy life long learning, nature, music, the arts and inspiring others.

My first writing was inspired by fairy tales and when I was five or six, my mother told me that she caught me in the closet writing stories. I am a lover of words and all art forms of expressions. Here at Evanalife, I will share my writing by creating articles, adding poetry and presenting some of my favorite quotes from myself and others.

Most importantly, I created this blog site for everyone because I have a deep yearning for helping people ignite their own flame that can set the world on fire. Therefore, I welcome all readers to share their stories about what makes them tick. In addition, I will be talking to already established writers, musicians and artists to find out what stimulated them to do what they do.

To accomplish this, I will be writing about various forms of expression starting with writing itself. For some, inspiration comes through a hardship, a change in life, a mentor that changed your life, an illness, moments of awe and wonder, a travel experience or an encounter with art, books or music. For others, memories of childhood and seeing through your younger self’s eyes again is of great help.

Set The World On Fire

~by Evana

Go, do, pursue,

find what’s inside  –

can’t keep it locked up,

needs out of the cup,

don’t wait ’till times’ up.

Find that what you feel,

believe that it’s real,

it’s you that needs out,

without any doubt.

Never stop pursuing growth,

Never take anyone for granted,

Always do what you love,

No regrets.

Yours truly,


Thanks for joining me!

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton