Weightless ~ Nature, Sound and Music

“The future of medicine is in sound and music.”
~Eric Cayce


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The Power of Nature Calling

~ by E.Lang


A faint, almost fragile whisper of wind

sweeps across my face.

I hear leaves of oak trees whistling in the wind.

In the distance, I imagine a flute playing,

and a mystical sight of Indians dancing by the fire…


Listen to the music of nature,

let it enfold you,

and take you away,

on any day.


Far away from things man-made,

nature’s greatness nourishes the soul,

gives strength to one’s mind,

and gifts us with passion and strength of spirit.


Mother Earth, do you hear the echo sound,

as we call you from the mountain high?

When troubles keep pouring in,

think of these simple sounds –

they’ll keep you calm; this is God’s Earth music,

and it will take you home.


Coastal clouds begin to roll across the evening sky,

turning silver with the reflection of the moon.

Let the sounds and sights bring you back –

to the way man was meant to be.


Sun and storms, snow and rain, 

the miracles of nature

enfold to us their beauty endlessly.


The clouds are fading now,

and you can look past them towards the stars.

Crickets are tuning in, lightning bugs all around,

our problems washed away –

in the magical world of nature.


Check out this song, ‘Weightless’, created by Lyz Cooper and Marconi Union. It was officially named the most relaxing song in the world.

Sound Therapy is offered here: https://www.britishacademyofsoundtherapy.com/

There are classes in which they work with gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum and therapeutic percussion as well as guided self-reflection and mindfulness. In addition, they offer classes that incorporate Gongbaths & soundbaths and others to learn how to harness the power of the voice. Students can also learn how to provide Sound Arts or Voice Arts workshops which are dynamic, creative, fun and a boost for health & wellbeing.

Photo by Magicbowls on Pexels.com

healing music


Music has always played an important role in the history of humans as a need and desire in our world. The natural world itself produces a wide array of sounds, tones and rhythms.

Through the development of the first instrument, the flute, which was made from the bones of a giant vulture 35,000 years ago, humans were able to maintain social networks and promote expansion.

Scientists confirmed patterns that emerged such as a universal use of octaves and similarities of various scales between cultures.

Music is a lived experience and an ever-changing expression that mirrors our own social and cultural changes. By learning about ourselves in another perspective, people who participate in the production of music send us messages of social and cultural consciousness.

Music can soften barriers of inequality as it acts as a universal language to connect us all.


Blessings, Evana.


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