Welcome to Evanalife, meet Evana.

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Ignite Your Force

Hello everyone, I’m Evana and am here to celebrate life’s journey with you. Most people I know say things like “I’ve always wanted to…” and would love to not have any regrets at the end of their lives.

We are here to create experiences and memories while maintaining positive, healthy relationships. Are we igniting our own passion as we were meant to?” Are we using some of our time focusing on those things that make us feel most alive? Are we creating joy for ourselves and those around us?

We all know that answer. You will know by the shape of your lips in the morning.

Everyone has a passion, something that makes them tick, gets them excited. That passion is best shared so that others can be inspired as well. I have found my passion in writing and enjoy life long learning, nature, music, the arts and inspiring others.

My first writing was inspired by fairy tales and when I was five or six, my mother told me that she caught me in the closet writing stories. I am a lover of words and all art forms of expressions. Here at Evanalife, I will share my writing by creating articles, adding poetry and presenting some of my favorite quotes from myself and others.

Most importantly, I created this blog site for everyone because I have a deep yearning for helping people ignite their own flame that can set the world on fire. Therefore, I welcome all readers to share their stories about what makes them tick. In addition, I will be talking to already established writers, musicians and artists to find out what stimulated them to do what they do.

To accomplish this, I will be writing about various forms of expression starting with writing itself. For some, inspiration comes through a hardship, a change in life, a mentor that changed your life, an illness, moments of awe and wonder, a travel experience or an encounter with art, books or music. For others, memories of childhood and seeing through your younger self’s eyes again is of great help.

Set The World On Fire

~by Evana

Go, do, pursue,

find what’s inside  –

can’t keep it locked up,

needs out of the cup,

don’t wait ’till times’ up.

Find that what you feel,

believe that it’s real,

it’s you that needs out,

without any doubt.

Never stop pursuing growth,

Never take anyone for granted,

Always do what you love,

No regrets.

Yours truly,


Thanks for joining me!

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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