Do Good, be Grateful, live Strong Evanalife

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Doing good, does good

When we assess what we do everyday by how much of it “does good,” perhaps tomorrow will be our second chance. Since life is but a passing flame, why not choose today? At the end of each day, write down some things you did that did well/good (contribute to the common good), things you can do better and some things you need to work on. This will prepare you for the next day in a more aware and in-tuned way.

When we’re more “in-tuned” with ourselves, we’ll create better thoughts, be able to organize our lives more efficiently and make better decisions that lead to positive results so that we can become amazing role models for others. To do this, one must have an open mind and faith. If we keep focus on what connects us, believing in ourselves has to come from belief in God first, because faith is authentic when it comes from our core. With faith coming from within, we will never be without.

I recently heard of a couple who witness something out of the norm at a wedding, The couple witnessed a pastor changing his approach to the Wedding ceremony. As so often the bride and groom are gazing into each others eyes with love and admiration, the pastor asked them to look at their hands. He said that a marriage is not about what you see in each other, what you see is not what you get, because it’s what you DO in the years ahead that determines what you see in each others eyes.

Doing good  – does good = growth of good vibes

Doing bad – does bad = loss of energy

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Living With Him

by E. Lang


True happiness comes from within,

gratefulness has a deeper kin,

give thanks to him.


There are times that we feel we cannot win,

then somewhere deep inside us,

tells us: “What’ll it hurt, throw out a grin!”


A smile is contagious like a spreading of fire,

but this one does good and not bad of desire.

Make time for a rainbow for all to see:

the beauty, the wonder, endlessly,


For humans small and tall and of all abilities

including those who crawl,

in chairs, in crutches, in hospital beds,

in countries so poor they can’t afford meds.


Life isn’t meant to be suffered in guilt and sin,

when we live with him, that is our win!


Gratefulness comes from deep in our heart,

the place we aren’t apart,

the place that connects us all,

surrender it all to him.

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Your best Self

Make a clear mental image of your best self, then use this self to guide your decisions in life. it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine, deviate from your path and forget what truly drives you.

Be aware of your purpose, create your own mission and make sure it’s reflected in all you do in your daily life. This activates passion, hope and optimism.

Imagine your best self 10 years from now. What are you doing? Who is around you? What do your relationships look like?

Capture the most important elements from that image. Describe, draw, write and discuss it with a friend.

Analyze what you gathered. What does your ideal self reveal about you? What’s most important to you? Do you live your values or just talk about them?

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How do you see yourself?

We all have the potential to become our best selves. What you see is how you live, and what you think is how you live. How could you change your thinking to benefit others? Once you start changing your perspective, everything turns to gold.


Keep shining brightly,



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